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Adele SirangAssistant Agent | No.03807015

Leasing Agent

Adele brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to her role as a Leasing Agent in the real estate industry. With a background in civil engineering, she spent several years overseas as a civil engineer before transitioning to the dynamic world of real estate. Adele's passion for real estate stems from her love for the variety of properties and the ever-evolving nature of the market. Her commitment to helping individuals and families find their dream homes and create lasting memories sets her apart. Adele is dedicated to meeting the challenges of the real estate industry head-on, ensuring her clients are not only satisfied but delighted with their leasing experiences.

Having served as a leasing agent and property officer overseas, Adele brings a global perspective to her work. Her skills as a civil engineer have equipped her with a sharp eye for property assessment, strong analytical abilities, and excellent problem-solving skills. Adele's commitment to quality, coupled with her organizational and interpersonal skills developed through her engineering background, makes her a standout professional in the real estate field. She believes that her unique advantage lies in her ability to blend technical expertise with a genuine dedication to client satisfaction.

Outside of the professional realm, Adele finds joy in spending time with her husband and daughter. Her favorite pastimes include reading books, experimenting with new recipes through cooking, and enjoying meaningful moments with friends. Committed to making a positive impact on her community, Adele is actively involved in supporting charities within her country, believing in the importance of contributing to initiatives that directly benefit local communities. In three words, Adele can be described as dedicated, reliable, and collaborative, making her an invaluable asset to the real estate industry and the communities she serves.