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10 great reasons to sell at Christmas

By Neha Mishra

Deciding when to sell is often a balancing act of juggling normal commitments of work, school and daily life together with the time it takes to maximise the value of your home and prepare it for sale in the current real estate market.

A popular reason among families to move during summer holidays is to allow the kids to start at their new schools at the beginning of the academic year. If your home will appeal to young families, this is a great reason to put up a for sale sign at this time of year.

Another plus for a summertime sale is the positive attitude of prospective buyers. They tend to be serious, wanting to strike a deal and push through the settlement so they can begin their new year with a new start.

Your choice of real estate agent is a critical factor in a summer sale. You need someone who understands the different approaches required to sell a property over the holiday period. Ask for a comparison of summer sales figures against other times of the year.

As an experienced real estate agent in Carlingford, we’d be delighted to discuss how we could approach a marketing campaign for your property. Each real estate agent in our office has demonstrated in-depth industry experience and extensive local knowledge. Our property specialists call on their superior marketing, negotiating, and communication skills to achieve outstanding property sales results.

Below are some ideas to help you decide on your next steps and prepare your home for sale.

  1. This summer will not be like any other because of Covid-19. There’s pent-up demand for property at the moment and this will help you achieve a strong price.
  2. Interest rates are at record lows, and there’s a fistful of government incentives for buyers, so there’s probably never a better time to sell.
  3. Property prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Historically, there are fewer properties on the market in summer but you’ll find motivated buyers. In this scenario, you might beat your price expectations.
  4. Buyers are often optimistic at this time of year and more willing to consider options for their future around Christmas – an enthusiasm for a new start in a new year.
  5. Consider staging your home. Light furniture materials, such as wicker, and bright colours for throw rugs and cushions, help enhance the wonderful feel of summer.
  6. If you plan to be open for inspection over the Christmas period, go easy on festive decorations. Don’t clutter your home with tinsel. For this year, perhaps restrain yourself to a tastefully decorated tree.
  7. Prepare your home meticulously. Great features such as a swimming pool, spa, entertainment area and lovely gardens are deal-clinchers in summer.
  8. Consider an upgrade to your entertainment area, and make it a real winner for prospective buyers.
  9. Clean windows, sills and paths as dirt and dust accumulates with a mixture of heat and summer rains.
  10. Focus on the front of your home to make a good first impression. Keep the lawn well-watered and mown. Cover the flowerbeds with mulch so the plants do not dry out. Consider planting some shade trees to create outdoor ambiance.
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