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10 ways to impress buyers before they even walk in

By Brooke Croft

The property market is starting to hum as buyers gain in confidence after the pandemic lockdowns – and you may be feeling that it’s time to get a piece of the action.

Buyers want to make the most of record-low interest rates. Many are ready to create their new normal, trading location for more space, wary of being cooped up during any future pandemic.

Prices are also continuing to strengthen despite the economic hiccup of Covid, but if you want to make the most of this fantastic time to sell, you need to make a great first impression with buyers.

The first time a buyer is likely to see your home is in a photo on either a property portal or in an email newsletter. From here, they’ll be tempted to view more images, watch a video of the property or even do a virtual walk through.

That’s why these images have to be top quality and showing your home to its best advantage. You want them to feel they need to make the time to come and physically inspect your home.

Below is a small list of tips to help you do a great job of setting up your home for its photography, and deliver maximum curb appeal.

  • Make it tidy – This is the minimum you need to achieve. Put away the hose, tools and toys that might usually litter the yard. Junk needs to be taken to the tip. Ask family to mind the trailer, caravan or boat or put them into storage. It’s probably a good idea to retire any gnomes and garden ornaments, at least while your home is on the market.
  • Tip-top condition – It’s essential buyers see that the frontage is well maintained. Check if the windows and sills need a repaint, and inspect the guttering and downpipes. Make sure the gutters are clear of leaves.
  • Go green – The lawn doesn’t have to be manicured but make sure you mow it regularly during the sales campaign. Please don’t cut it too short as this invites weeds. Put mulch on the flowerbeds to zap unsightly weeds and trim the hedges.
  • Window dressing – Keep plants free from the windows. You don’t want them to reduce natural light that floods into your home. Light serves to make the interior feel larger.
  • Add character – If you fear your front garden lacks a focal point, consider planting a mature tree. This can change a buyer’s perception of your home and potentially add thousands of the dollars to its value.
  • Privacy matters – An element of seclusion and mystery from the street leaves buyers wanting to know more. Plant bushes or a mature hedge if possible. Privacy from neighbours and the passersby has real value.
  • Create colour – Lovely annuals will add a little sass to your flowerbeds. One of the cheapest and easiest moves is to paint your front door a bright, primary colour. It’s really in fashion right now and leaves a lasting impression.
  • The path most travelled – Pressure-wash your garden path and driveway. Check them for surface chips and cracks, and get them fixed. (You can hire pressure washes or buy them at a hardware store quite affordably)
  • Shed some light – Install new, modern lighting at the front door and on the porch. We’ll turn them on during inspections.
  • Just add tech – Buyers are always impressed by home security, automated gates, and the latest in locking mechanisms for your door. Consider installing a sprinkler system, too.
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