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Eight ways to get the best price for your home

By Peter Gow

A handful of smart strategies will help ensure an excellent price for your home when selling in today’s market, where buyer enthusiasm is cooling because of rising interest rates.

To achieve a fabulous price today, you’ve got to put in the work. Your home must be pristine and ready to beat the competition in the surrounding suburbs.

Don’t forget you may have nearby properties of a similar size, design and price that might also be on the market.

These are our top tips for getting the best price for your home:

Get competitive

If you price your property competitively, you’ll attract a lot of interest. Whether selling by private treaty or at auction, you don’t want prospective buyers to think you’ll hold out for silly money. Set an attractive baseline and watch them push the price higher.

Be real

Apartments and houses with unrealistic price tags tend to languish on the market. Buyers steer clear and think there’s something wrong – there is: the owner wants too much money. In the end, the property fails to sell or is discounted heavily. So, be realistic and make a deal.

Pricing technique

If you’re selling by private treaty, set your price under the nearest milestone number. For example, if you are seeking $1 million, price the property at $995,000. It’s not rocket science, but it has a positive impact on buyer attitudes.

Target specific buyers

Discuss with your agent the type of buyer your home will attract – don’t chase singles if you’re selling a family home. 

Pitch perfect

Top-quality photography and video is an essential strategy in maximising the value of your home. Buyers will be impressed by the production values and associate those with your home. Also consider drone footage if your property would benefit. Buyers love it!

Feature feast

Think like a buyer, and consider the benefits of all your home’s features. If you have a garden, you’re probably child- and pet-friendly. You might take off-street parking for granted, but that’s nirvana to some. Work with your agent to focus on the best features that appeal to your target buyer.

Nothing personal

Even if you’re not moving out during your market campaign, you should store away personal effects and photography. You want buyers to picture themselves in your home during an inspection, rather than feel like they’re visitors.

Neat as a pin

Keep your home and garden super-tidy, and declutter where possible. The less furniture you have, the larger each room will feel.

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