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Five Scandinavian tips to help you sell in winter

By Brooke Croft

Enduring an Australian winter is no hardship compared with those in America or Europe, but you can deploy a few strategies from the Northern Hemisphere that will keep the chill from your home.

The Danes have a reputation for handling the harshest of winters with an approach to homemaking called hygge that repels the worst Mother Nature can dish out. The Dutch have a similar process they call gezellig.

If you’re selling this winter, hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh) is a great way to prepare your home for viewings. It will enhance the warmth and cosiness of your home, and ensure prospective buyers come away with a sense of belonging and security.

To help you consider hygge as a method for styling before a winter sale, here are some of the ways the Danes take to ensure their homes are warm and welcoming in even the bleakest winters.

1.Fire up – A beautiful, working fireplace will add to the ambience of your home and give it warmth literally and figuratively. Even if you can’t have an open fire, ensure the heating is on and the house is warm and welcoming before the inspection.

2. Let it glow – Danes love candles, and these are an essential element of hygge. They are most effective if you hold viewings in the late afternoon and early evening. Cluster candles in darker corners to make an attractive feature.

3. Soft lighting – Many Danish homes will feature a beautiful lamp that will give the living area a gentle, soft light. When this combines with the fire and candles, who cares what the weather’s like outside!

4. Close to nature – Natural materials will enhance the atmosphere of warmth in your home. A wooden dining table is less cold and clinical than glass. Using pure wool throw rugs draped over a couch or easy chair is also a warming touch.

5. Welcoming vibes – Like many other European cultures, the Danes love to entertain. Enhance the impression that your home is friendly and welcoming by arranging the seating so it’s not directed at the television.

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