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Rental Crisis Starts to Ease

By Peter Gow

Hey there! I recently came across some interesting insights from Nerida Conisbee, the Chief Economist at The Ray White Group, about the rental market in Australia. It seems like things are shifting in the world of rents, so let’s break it down for you:

1. Slowdown in Rent Increases, But Not Everywhere

So, after a massive jump in advertised rents, it’s a relief to see the rate of increase finally starting to slow down. For now, this change is mostly happening with houses. Last month, the increase in Australian house rents was the smallest it’s been since December 2021. Though rents are still rising, the pace of this increase is becoming more manageable.

2. Why Are House Rents Stabilising?

Wondering what’s causing this shift? Well, affordability is becoming a real concern. More people are finding it tough to afford living on their own or in smaller households. As a result, folks are looking to share their living spaces more, whether it’s with friends, family, or moving back home.

3. A Clever Piece of Analysis

The Reserve Bank of Australia did some clever analysis. They looked at household sizes over time and found something interesting. During the pandemic, with higher savings and a desire for more space, more people started living alone. This led to higher demand for housing. But now, things are reversing—people are living together again, and this is creating less demand for rental housing.

4. Apartments Still on the Rise

While house rent increases are slowing down, apartments are telling a different story. Students, especially those from other countries, have a big impact on apartment rents. The pandemic caused a drop in apartment rents as students couldn’t return to Australia. Now, as their numbers recover and apartment supply stays limited, rents are still rising, but this might also start to slow down.

5. The Path Ahead

While advertised rents are starting to calm down, we’re not out of the woods yet. Current tenants will still feel the impact of the last two years of rent increases. The rental crisis is improving, but it’s not over for many tenants. Plus, these rent hikes are still affecting inflation. It’s important top keep all of this in mind when speaking to your property manager around the topic of rent increases versus the current demand.

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