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Seven ways to keep your house clean and safe

By Peter Gow

Keeping a clean home contributes significantly to the maintenance and value of your property, as well as ensuring your loved ones enjoy a safe and caring environment.

Below are eight tips for keeping your home healthy and safe. We hope you find them helpful. 

Chemical warning

It’s easy to forget that we’re dealing with chemicals when cleaning our homes. Some don’t play nicely, like bleach and ammonia. They create a toxic vapour when combined. A golden rule is never to mix bleach with anything; that way, you should stay clear of most issues.

Not so juicy

Never use the same knife on raw meat and then on fruit or vegetables. Meat juices can react and cause harmful bacteria. Wipe the knife clean with hot soapy water before reusing.

Unkind cut

Keeping to the bacteria theme, avoid cutting raw meat on a wooden cutting board as the juices penetrate the wood. If you do, scrub it back using soapy water before reusing. It’s best to cut raw meat on a plastic board and wipe it clean afterwards.

Not so sweet smell

Ventilate rooms when using bleach to clean. It’s common to suffer from a sore throat and stinging in the eyes when using bleach in an enclosed bathroom. Keep the door and a window open to create a flow of air. 

Fire risks

Leaving clothes too close to a heater causes more domestic fires than anything else. Another risk is the ignition of lint in a dryer. So, clean out the lint trap regularly.

Cold facts

A dirty fridge is another health risk. Clean the shelves regularly to prevent bacteria from forming. Never store red meat near dairy products. Meat juices dripping on to other food is a serious health risk. Place meat in an enclosed container before placing it in the fridge.

Mouldy moments

Don’t leave mould unattended. It’s most often visible in those hard-to-reach areas of the bathroom. The kitchen exhaust fan is another breeding ground. Damp clothes in the closet create an environment where mildew thrives. Mould and mildew cause throat irritation and respiratory problems.

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