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Six tips for decluttering your wardrobes

By Peter Gow

Decluttering your home is an essential task when preparing for a sale. A clear-out will create additional space that buyers love, and it will give you the best chance to maximise the value of your property.

Target areas should include the living room, kitchen and children’s bedrooms, all of which tend to be magnets for bric-a-brac that can make a property feel smaller.

Buyers are often particular about storage, too. 

Many will open kitchen drawers and built-in wardrobes in bedrooms as part of their inspection. 

Kitchen cupboards do little to impress if they spill their contents when opened.It’s a smart idea to clear out your bedroom closets, too. Those that are jammed full of clothes leave an impression of inadequacy. Sellers find culling their clothing a challenging task. 

Just box up your excess clothes and put them in storage during the sales campaign. To help ease the pain, we’ve listed six tips for clearing out your closets so buyers get the best impression of bedroom storage. 

Look at the big picture

You need to assess everything that’s in your closet before you do anything else. Don’t buy storage boxes until you know what you want to keep.

Cull without fear

Select only the clothes you’ll need during the sales campaign. The rest can be stored, given to friends, offered to charities or thrown away. The key goal is to ensure you leave sufficient space for the wardrobes to appear spacious.

Your hit list

The time of the year you’re selling should influence your decisions. There’s no need to hang on to woolly clothing if you’re selling in summer. Also, try to have only one or two similar items, such as jeans or track pants.


If you have not done so already, invest in a shoe tree as this is a great space-saving device. 

Left hanging

You’ll make a great impression if you invest in quality hangers. It’s a much better look than the horrible wire ones drycleaners give you.

Be organised

Ensure your wardrobe is well organised with clothes folded or hanging neatly. This way, buyers will walk away satisfied they don’t need to worry about the size of your closets.

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