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Top Tips for Selling in Winter 2023

By Peter Gow

Are you considering selling your property but unsure about the best time to do so? Well, selling in winter, specifically during the months of June, July, August can be a strategic move that sets you up for success. We understand the current market conditions and want to share some valuable tips to help you make the most of this opportune time.

Capitalise on Reduced Competition:

One significant advantage of selling in winter is the reduced competition from other sellers. The number of new listings in 2023 has decreased compared to previous years. However, this year still boasts a strong influx of new listings, making it a favourable time to enter the market. By taking action now, you can leverage this reduced competition and stand out among potential buyers.

Tap into Buyer Frustration: 

Buyers in the current market are expressing frustration due to limited availability of suitable properties. This presents a fantastic opportunity for sellers like you. With fewer options for buyers to choose from, your property gains a competitive edge and becomes more sought after. By listing your property during this period, you can attract motivated buyers who are eager to secure a property in Carlingford.

Capitalise on High Buyer Demand:

The Sydney market is experiencing high bidder numbers and clearance rates, indicating strong buyer competition. Auctions are particularly seeing an influx of interested bidders, with an average of 9 registered bidders per auction in Carlingford. This heightened demand creates a favourable environment for sellers, as it increases the likelihood of achieving a favourable sale price.

Take Advantage of Market Stabilisation: 

While the market is stabilising, price growth is still expected due to factors like stock shortage, population growth, and construction issues. Selling in winter allows you to capitalise on this stabilisation and potentially secure a favourable sale price for your property. 

Showcase Your Property’s Winter Appeal: 

Highlighting the unique features and charm of your property during winter can be a powerful selling point. Emphasise the cosy and inviting atmosphere, the warmth of fireplaces, and the comfort of central heating systems. Consider staging your property to showcase its full potential during the colder months. This can create an emotional connection with buyers and increase their desire to make your property their new home.

Selling your property in winter, specifically in Carlingford and wider Sydney during the months of June – August, can be a strategic move that offers several advantages. 

By capitalising on reduced competition, tapping into buyer frustration, and leveraging high buyer demand, you can position yourself for a successful sale. Take advantage of the current market conditions, showcase your property’s winter appeal, and enlist the help of expert selling agents to guide you through the process. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to achieve your selling goals.

If you’re ready to sell your property in Carlingford or need further guidance, reach out to our experienced team at Ray White Carlingford. We are here to provide personalised assistance and help you navigate the winter selling season with confidence.

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